I feel totally different today than yesterday.

I guess the message was true enough: Hope

It’s a shame that the person we believed embodied that sentiment became the same politician as almost every one before him. It’s a shame he was such a good salesperson.

In a way though, he helped us all realize what it was that was really broken about the system, and hopefully helped us realize that we are foolish to place our hope and trust blindly in a messianic figure who is going to do all the work for us.

As we move along the path towards what I now know our future to be, I find myself thinking back to all the history I’ve read, and remembering all the fantasies of changing the past, or being born in a different time. Now I look at the world and understand that this is the time I would have chosen to be alive if I could have chosen my own time from any in history. The birth of Humanity.

The Birth of Humanity.

You may ask what it is that I am talking about, and most will until they see the future. For now, if you understand the process we are going through, you too will join me in my excitement and anticipation of the coming age.

I have decided to rejoin the living, go see a doctor, quit smoking, see a dentist, exercise, and most importantly, become the change I seek in the world. Now I can see far enough ahead to now what is inevitable, the change that will come, and to do my part to make it happen.

Now I have a future worth fighting for, and a cause noble enough to stir me to action.

For those that are still stuck in the misery that is the old world, join us soon, it’s truly liberation to know where we are going and even how to get there.

The Venus Project

See you there soon