True freedom


True freedom is reached by freeing oneself from the shackles of certain, restrictive ideas.

One has to realize an important thing. YOU have to realize an important thing.

There is no good or evil. There is no right or wrong. There is no values. All adjectives are expressions of subjective sensations, even if the subject expressing these sensations might be an entire group or species, it is still subjective, subjective to them as a group and each individual. Therefore, adjectives are still expressing subjective sensations.

There is no good or evil, no right or wrong, there are no values, no obligations, no rights.

There is only one thing that matters. People.


Many individuals, all sharing this vast, chaotic space of light and darkness, matter, energy and whatever else there might be.

There shall be no laws, for nothing is wrong and nothing should be punished. There shall be no…

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Children who experience early childhood trauma don’t ‘just get over it’

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Children who experience early childhood trauma don’t ‘just get over it’ — Science of the Spirit —

Humans are relatively adaptable beings which is why we are thriving and not dying out like other species. Horrendous disasters such as the Philippines typhoon, the Boxing Day Tsunami, the nuclear disaster in Japan, the major wars of our time, and horrific famines see great suffering, but these events also inspires survival through adaptation. It turns out we possess a strong survival mechanism in our brains directly linked to our bodies, fight, flight, freeze, flop and friend (fffff).

In fact, the survival part of our brain, which is primitive yet effective, is the first to develop in utero starting at around 7 weeks. It regulates our breathing, digestive system, heart rate and temperature, along with the ‘fffff’ system which operates to preserve our…

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Election Fraud: The 2016 Democratic Primaries

Richard Charnin's Blog

Election Fraud: The 2016 Democratic Primaries

Richard Charnin

Bernie Sanders is leading 50.4-49.6% based on the unweighted average of all 34 caucuses and primaries. Let’s accept the reasonable premise that the primaries have been fraudulent and Sanders won in MO, MA, AZ, OH,IL, IA, and NV.  Electoral votes are directly proportional to state voting population.  Clinton has won 11 RED states with 160 EV. Sanders won the other 23 states with 188 EV

Based on late exit polls (which had yet to be adjusted to match the recorded vote), Sanders is leading by an unweighted 52.4-47.0%.  The lead must be even greater since votes were stolen from Bernie in the RED states. Proof? Check the average 8.7% exit poll margin discrepancy from the recorded votes in the Democratic Primaries spread sheet.

Sanders’ exit poll share exceeded his recorded share in n= 17 of N= 18 primaries. The probability…

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How would “Circles” be different from our current money system?

Money is free to create.
Once everyone creates their own, we will have peace.


You should read the about Circles article first.

1. The debt doesn’t need to be payed back
In our current monetary system new money is created when countries, cooperations, or individuals take a loan. One way to see Circles is that as soon as you spend some of your coins with someone else you have debt to this person but you are not forced to pay it back. This seems completely different from our current system and on an individual level it certainly is. However, a quick glance at the level of US national debt shows that this debt will also never be paid back. As long as the monetary supply doesn’t lose the connection to the GDP growth the money value can be relatively stable nevertheless.

2. Credit is not approved based on rating of banks but fixed per person
Currently, private banks, rating agencies and central banks can decide…

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Snowden isn’t just about Surveillance. It is much, Much, MUCH worse…

Gurstein's Community Informatics

A colleague points out that Internet Governance Caucus (IGC) server is suddenly running extremely slowly just as the Caucus is attempting to reach consensus on an endorsement of the Brazil President’s denunciation of the NSA’s spying on herself and her countrymen.

A central figure working through p2p alternatives to global neo-liberalism finds that his email has been systematically filtered and misdirected over the space of two years causing himself and his activities irreparable and unknowable harm.

Another colleague who runs a small NGO in a somewhat volatile Less Developed Country finds that a key proposal of his for funding inexplicably went missing between his computer and the anticipated funder without his knowing until long after the deadline has closed.

Gremlins in the bit factory, bad key strokes by people who should know better, or… or…

We know many things from Snowden. Much of this confirm things which have been suspected…

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I feel totally different today than yesterday.

I guess the message was true enough: Hope

It’s a shame that the person we believed embodied that sentiment became the same politician as almost every one before him. It’s a shame he was such a good salesperson.

In a way though, he helped us all realize what it was that was really broken about the system, and hopefully helped us realize that we are foolish to place our hope and trust blindly in a messianic figure who is going to do all the work for us.

As we move along the path towards what I now know our future to be, I find myself thinking back to all the history I’ve read, and remembering all the fantasies of changing the past, or being born in a different time. Now I look at the world and understand that this is the time I would have chosen to be alive if I could have chosen my own time from any in history. The birth of Humanity.

The Birth of Humanity.

You may ask what it is that I am talking about, and most will until they see the future. For now, if you understand the process we are going through, you too will join me in my excitement and anticipation of the coming age.

I have decided to rejoin the living, go see a doctor, quit smoking, see a dentist, exercise, and most importantly, become the change I seek in the world. Now I can see far enough ahead to now what is inevitable, the change that will come, and to do my part to make it happen.

Now I have a future worth fighting for, and a cause noble enough to stir me to action.

For those that are still stuck in the misery that is the old world, join us soon, it’s truly liberation to know where we are going and even how to get there.

The Venus Project

See you there soon


Searching, and finding

I have been looking and listening for a long time, and I feel that it is time to share what I am finding, in the hopes that I am not alone in my fears.

I listen to and read different articles about “conspiracy theories”, hopefully taking a balanced approach to the evidence and thinking critically about the natual tendencies of those who are ruled to struggle against the invisible chains that they percieve.

I need a place to gather my ideas, present them to other critical thinkers, and hear feedback from alterante viewpoints, in order to ensure the veracity of my beliefs.

Not everything gathered here will represent my beliefs. More than likely, it will simply represent questions and links to new information I am using in order to measure already held beliefs against new ideas. Hopefully we can all benefit from the open exchange of ideas information.

The Blue Pill

Today I finally saw that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s brilliant.

I just watched the update to The Zeitgeist Film,  called Zeitgeist: Addendum – 2008 by Peter Joseph.

It speaks about The Venus Project.

All I can say is that this is the place I’ve been looking for, and I hope everyone will join me there.




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